Product description

Tencent Cloud

On the basis of the technical foundation of mass services such as QQ, WeChat, and Tencent games, Tencent Cloud integrates towards the market from infrastructure to detailed operations, and from platform capability to establishment of ecosystem capacity, so that Tencent is able to provide enterprises and entrepreneurs with a cloud service that integrates the cloud computing, cloud data and cloud operations.

Feature 1

Quick business account opening

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Cambodia connects to the Tencent Cloud

Global Infrastructure of Tencent Cloud

It operates 58 availability zones in 25 geographic locations to provide better technical support for enterprises and help them to rapidly expand their businesses.

Cloud Block Storage (CBS)

It is an expandable persistent block storage device that is stable and reliable with low latency; it can be used as an independent and scalable disk for CVM

Cloud Block Storage (CBS) provides you with a persistent block-level storage service for CVM. The data stored in the cloud block storage is automatically stored in multiple redundant copies in an availability zone to eliminate the risk of single points of data failure, providing up to 99.9999999% data reliability. CBS offers cloud disks in multiple types and specifications to achieve the requirements of stable and low-latency storage performance. CBS can be mounted to or unmounted from instances in the same availability zone, and its storage capacity can be adjusted in just a few minutes, to fulfill the elastic storage requirements. Payment is based on your actual usage, and allows you to enjoy all the above features at a low price.

Corporate office applications

Hardware failures in traditional storage systems can cause serious business interruptions for dozens of hours. CBS efficiently supports hot migration for virtual machines to prevent such physical failures in advance. With comprehensive capabilities of data backup, snapshot and data recovery, CBS is suitable for high-load and core business systems, helping fulfill the needs of corporate office applications for elastic and reliable large-capacity block storage.

High-volume data

This type of high-IO storage scenarios of data analytics often requires extremely high throughput for the storage system. With excellent multi-thread access performance, CBS can efficiently support Hadoop-Mapreduce and HDFS for processing TB/PB of data offline, making it ideal for many fields such as data analytics, data mining and business intelligence.

Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM)

Stable, secure, resilient, high-performance cloud computing services that fulfill your diverse business requirements in real time

Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) brings you secure and flexible computing services. You can obtain and enable CVM in the cloud in just a few minutes to fulfill your computing needs. As your business needs change, you can scale up or down your computing resources with ease. CVM is billed by the actual usage of resources, saving your cost in computing. With the aid of CVM, your hardware and software costs will be significantly reduced and the IT-related operations and maintenance will be simplified.

Features of Tencent CVM

Flexible Computing

It only takes a few minutes for you to add or delete CVMs to meet your ever-changing business requirements.

 Flexible Configuration

CVM offers various types of instances, operating systems and so It only takes a few minutes for you to add or delete CVMs to meet your ever-changing business requirements.ftware packages for users to choose based on their needs. Each instance’s CPU, memory, hard disk and bandwidth configuration can be adjusted flexibly to match your applications.

 Stability and Reliability

CVM is able to provide up to 99.95% service availability and 99.9999999% data reliability. The CBS equipped in CVM provides a storage strategy with three copies, to ensure that data can be quickly migrated and recovered if any of the copies fails.

Easy Management

The users can access Tencent CVM as an administrator with full control. To manage the CVM is as easy as to manage traditional servers. You can use various tools such as the Tencent Cloud Console and API to connect to your CVM instances for operations such as restarting and changing network configuration.

Secure Network

CVM runs on a logically isolated private network and ensures the security of your cloud resources with an access control list and security groups over the network.

 Comprehensive Protection

Basic protection features are provided, such as Trojan detection, brute force attack prevention and vulnerability scanning. Furthermore, DDoS protection is available to protect against mass traffic attacks such as Syn Flood and ICMP Flood.

Low Cost

The CVM is deployed in the cloud, significantly reducing infrastructure construction and maintenance fees. In addition, CVM instances are pay-as-you-go, so you only have to pay for the actual amount you use.


Service Integration

CVM can be highly integrated with most of Tencent Cloud services, such as Cloud Object Storage (COS), Cloud Database (CDB) and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), providing the user with completes solutions for different business requirements in computation, data storage and network transmission.

Tencent Cloud Visualization (TCV)

A one-stop display platform of data visualization for professional large-screen data display with a zero threshold

Tencent Cloud Visualization (TCV) is a display platform of one-stop data visualization. It aims to quickly display high-volume data for users through data visualization charts, and a professional large-screen data display can be created in 10 minutes. Tencent has designed a variety of templates based on various industries for the presentation of data visualization. It adopts the drag-and-drop layout style and coding is not needed; it is a fully graphic editing process for quick production of visualization. TCV supports multiple data source configurations, as well as data synchronization in real time. At the same time, TCV can flexibly cast to a variety of terminal screens based on WEB page presentation.


Presentation of big data

The data was obtained through data collection, filtering and mining from high volumes of data. With the professionally designed patterns, components and templates, the commercial value can be perfectly demonstrated to deliver unique insights in your industry.


The big screen for monitoring

The operation systems can obtain key values for sales business, so that the relevant personnel of the console are able to real-time review the business progress and system stability. With the suitable layout, plentiful information, and clear key indicators, the monitoring work is much simpler, more intuitive and more efficient.


Event venue

The cool design with data visualization, real-time dynamic data update in chart display and dynamic effect, such as map bubbles, create exciting scenes in the event venue.