Product description

BT Linux Panel

It takes 2 minutes to install the panel and one click to manage the server

For Linux version, please ensure a clean system installation (recommended system: CentOS7.1 +, Ubuntu 16.04+, Debian 9.0+), web management, technical support for QQ group and forum. One-click LAMP / LNMP, create website FTP, database, SSL; security management, planning assignments, file management, coexistence and switch of multiple PHP versions, and one-click to activate the Tomcat environment.


Fast and convenient one-click configuration and management

Instead of complex command line operations, activate the operation with just one click on the Web panel

Option to install lamp or lnmp

Create and manage websites

Create and manage database

Create and manage FTP

More of the one-click integration to offer users with the optimal operating experience

More changes in configuration of website are integrated into the same level, and thus the user can switch to management and operation with one click

Integrate the pseudo-static rules of the common open source programs for easy switching

Site 301 or independent function variable name 301

Automatically obtain the free certificate of Let’s Encrypt or other certificates

Convenient for setting function variable name to bind with subdirectory

Support one-click to activate the Tomcat environment

Create a regular backup in the scheduled tasks

Very convenient reverse proxy setup of the web address

One-click to switch the PHP version and support installation and uninstallation

System security

Provide SSH on and off service, SSH port changes, the prohibition of PING on or off, firewall port release, and operational log view.


System monitoring

CPU, memory, magnetic disk IO, network IO data monitoring; the user can set the number of days for data retention and query the data of a specific day.


Scheduled tasks

Scheduled tasks can add implementation based on a period, support shell scripting, providing a website, database backup and log cutting.


Software management

Through the web interface, the user can easily manage and install the server software as well as the add-on components.


Document management

The convenient and highly efficient file manager supports file uploading, downloading, compression, decompression, editing, and review.